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Audio: Peter Osborne, Andrew Benjamin, Catherine Malabou, and Howard Caygill on Hegel's Logic

Four thinkers outline and debate different aspects of the contemporary importance of Hegel’s dialectical logic. 

Verso Books12 December 2017

Audio: Peter Osborne, Andrew Benjamin, Catherine Malabou, and Howard Caygill on Hegel's Logic

On December 8, the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP) at Kingston University hosted a one-day workshop on Hegel's Logic, featuring presentations by Peter Osborne, Andrew Benjamin, Catherine Malabou, and Howard Caygill. Audio recordings from each session have now been posted to Backdoor Broadcasting

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Valences of the Dialectic
After half a century exploring dialectical thought, renowned cultural critic Fredric Jameson presents a comprehensive study of a misunderstood yet vital strain in Western philosophy. The dialectic,...
The Hegel Variations
In this major new study, the philosopher and cultural theorist Fredric Jameson offers a new reading of Hegel’s foundational text Phenomenology of Spirit.In contrast to those who see the Phenomenolo...
Less Than Nothing
For the last two centuries, Western philosophy has developed in the shadow of Hegel, an influence each new thinker struggles to escape. As a consequence, Hegel's absolute idealism has become the ...
Hegel Contra Sociology
Gillian Rose is among the twentieth century’s most important social philosophers. In perhaps her most significant work, Hegel Contra Sociology, Rose mounts a forceful defence of Hegelian speculativ...
The Spectre of Hegel

The Spectre of Hegel

Louis Althusser is remembered today as the scourge of humanist Marxism, but that was his later incarnation, an identity formed by years grappling with the intellectual inheritance of Hegel and Ca...
Marxism and Hegel

Marxism and Hegel

The interpretation of Hegel has been a focal point of philosophical controversy ever since the beginning of the twentieth century, both among Marxists and in the major European philosophical school...

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