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70% off January sale!

Stock up on some of our best books for the year ahead.

Verso Books19 January 2022

70% off January sale!

As crises converge, it feels like each year gets harder than the last. We've selected books that will deepen your understanding of how we got here, and how we find a path out!

Until January 31st (23:59 EST) we have 70% off the following books (print editions only, excludes ebooks - however we do bundle the ebook for free with every print purchase!):

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The best-selling radical diary and weekly planner is back for 2022!

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The brutal truth behind our automated futures and the new world of work.

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Win or lose, Bernie has reshaped the landscape of American politics. Where does the political revolution go next?

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Stuart Hall's writings on the political impact of Margaret Thatcher have established him as the most prescient and insightful analyst of contemporary Conservatism.

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The case for abolishing the police.

[book-strip index="6" style="buy"]

A critical history of Israel and the Arab–Israeli conflict.

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An extraordinary political biography of English suffragist, feminist, and socialist Sylvia Pankhurst.

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How the political violence of modern jihad echoes the crises of western liberalism.

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Terrorism’s roots in Western Europe and the United States.

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One of the most acclaimed essayists writing today on the political hysteria plaguing the West.

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A searing indictment of modern sexual politics.

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If crisis is the norm, how do we demand change?

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Path-breaking history of modern liberalism told through the pages of one of its most zealous supporters.

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What Has Happened to Fiction in the Age of Platform Capitalism?

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This urgent and timely book shows what a shorter working week means in the context of capitalist economies and delves into the history of this idea as well as its political implications.

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Why is the Conservative Party on the verge of collapse?

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The most influential theory of the origins of women’s oppression in the modern era, in a beautiful new edition.

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A highly engaging tour through history in the service of emancipating our digital tomorrow.

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How shipping is central to the very fabric of global capitalism.

[book-strip index="20" style="buy"]

How capitalism wants us to adapt to climate change rather than stop it.

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"Well sourced and artfully crafted, offering a comprehensive history of India’s ideology” – Jacobin

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The rise and fall of Britain’s most important industry.

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From the grandiose histories of monumental state building projects to the minutiae of street signs and corner cafés, from the rebuilding of capital cities to the provision of the humble public toilet, Clean Living under Difficult Circumstances argues for the city as a socialist project.

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A global future in the history of a single village.

[book-strip index="25" style="buy"]

How London was bought and sold by the Super-Rich, and what it means for the rest of us.

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Radical universalism vs postcolonial theory.

[book-strip index="27" style="buy"]

The story of Palestine’s stonemasons and the building of Israel.

[book-strip index="28" style="buy"]

A feminist movement clashing with China’s authoritarian government.

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A radical manifesto for how to deal with environmental breakdown.

[book-strip index="30" style="buy"]

What are the origins of the hostile environment for immigrants in Britain?

[book-strip index="31" style="buy"]

How authoritarian and racist discourse functions.

[book-strip index="32" style="buy"]

How Google, Facebook and Amazon threaten our Democracy.

[book-strip index="33" style="buy"]

Why centrist politics in France is bound to fail.

[book-strip index="34" style="buy"]

One of our most vital and incisive writers on literature, feminism, and knowing one’s self.

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A spirited critique of the cultural politics of sightseeing. Or, why we are all tourists who hate tourists.

[book-strip index="36" style="buy"]

A lyrical and haunting depiction of American racial violence and lynching, evoked through stunning full-color artwork.

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A health check on our corrupt and broken political system by one of our finest historians.

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The anatomy of Britain on the edge of Brexit, by Orwell Prize–winning journalist.

[book-strip index="39" style="buy"]

What keeps capitalism afloat.

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What is care and who is paying for it?

[book-strip index="41" style="buy"]

Lyrical and radical, a debut novel that created a sensation in France.

[book-strip index="42" style="buy"]

A new perspective on the neoliberal world through the prism of rents and rentiers.

2022 Verso Radical Diary and Weekly Planner
The best-selling radical diary and weekly planner is back for the new year!The 2022 Verso Radical Diary and Weekly Planner is a beautifully designed week-to-view planner where you can keep track of...
Work Without the Worker
We are told that the future of work will be increasingly automated. Algorithms, processing massive amounts of information at startling speed, will lead us to a new world of effortless labour and a ...
Bigger Than Bernie
The political ambitions of the movement behind Bernie Sanders have never been limited to winning the White House. Since Bernie first entered the presidential primaries in 2016, his supporters have ...
The Hard Road to Renewal
Stuart Hall was one of the most insightful and incisive critics of the Thatcher era. In this essential selection of his essays during the period, he elaborates both how Thatcher's rise to power exp...
Becoming Abolitionists
In the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd and the resurgence of Black Lives Matter the call for the abolition of the police became a central demand for the movement. In this extraordinary, rev...
Plowshares into Swords
In this authoritative text, Arno J. Mayer traces the thinkers, leaders and shifting geopolitical contexts that shaped the founding and onward development of the Israeli state. He recovers for poste...
Sylvia Pankhurst
Along with her mother Emmeline, and her sister Christabel, Sylvia Pankhurst was one of the leading women’s suffrage activists in early twentieth-century England, working with the militant Women’s S...
The Apocalypse and the End of History
In this authoritative, accessible study, historian Suzanne Schneider examines the politics and ideology of the Islamic State (better known as ISIS). Schneider argues that today’s jihad is not the r...
The Invention of Terrorism in Europe, Russia, and the United States
This book examines key cases of terrorist violence to show that the invention of terrorism was linked to the birth of modernity in Europe, Russia and the United States, rather than to Tsarist despo...
Bland Fanatics
Decades of violence and chaos have generated a political and intellectual hysteria—ranging from imperial atavism to paranoia about invading or hectically breeding Muslim hordes—that has affected ev...
What We Don't Talk About
What if we took sex out of the box marked ‘special’, either the worst or best thing that a human person can experience, and considered it within the complexity of reality? In this extraordinary boo...
The Age of Precarity
Crisis dominates the present historical moment. The economy is in crisis, politics in both its past and present forms is in crisis and our own individual lives are in crisis, made vulnerable by the...
Liberalism at Large
In this landmark book, Alexander Zevin looks at the development of modern liberalism by examining the long history of the Economist newspaper, which, since 1843, has been the most tireless – and in...
Everything and Less
As the story goes: Jeff Bezos left a lucrative job to start something new in Seattle only after a deeply affecting reading of Kazuo Ishiguro’s Remains of the Day. But if a novel gave, ...
Overtime is about the politics of time, and specifically the amount of time that we spend labouring within capitalist society. It argues that reactivating the longstanding demand for shorter workin...
The Party's Over
Today, it is not a question of if, but when? What we are watching is the collapse of the most successful political party in Europe. Despite winning the December 2019 General Election, the parliamen...
The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State

The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State

In this provocative and now-classic work, Friedrich Engels explores the interrelated development of the family and the state from ancient society to the Victorian era. Drawing on new anthropologica...
Future Histories
The key to understanding technology lies not in the future--but in the past. That's the contention of Lizzie O'Shea's Future Histories, a grand tour through past and present to explore the practica...
Sinews of War and Trade
On the map of global trade, China is now the factory of the world. A parade of ships full of raw commodities—iron ore, coal, oil—arrive in its ports, and fleets of container ships leave with manufa...
The Great Adaptation
The Great Adaptation tells the story of how scientists, governments and corporations have tried to deal with the challenge that climate change poses to capitalism by promoting adaptation to the con...
The Indian Ideology
The historiography of modern India is largely a pageant of presumed virtues: harmonious territorial unity, religious impartiality, the miraculous survival of electoral norms in the world’s most pop...
The Shadow of the Mine
The Shadow of the Mine tells the story of King Coal in its heyday, the heroics and betrayals of the Miners’ Strike, and what happened to mining communities after the last pits closed.No one personi...
Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances
From the grandiose histories of grand state building projects to the minutiae of street signs and corner pubs, from the rebuilding of capital cities to the provision of the humble public toilet, Cl...
China in One Village
After a decade away from her ancestral family village, during which she became a writer and literary scholar in Beijing, Liang Hong started visiting her rural hometown in landlocked Hebei province....
Alpha City
Who owns London? In recent decades, it has fallen into the hands of the super-rich. It is today the essential ‘World City’ for High-Net-Worth Individuals and Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals. Compa...
The World in a Grain of Sand
The World in a Grain of Sand offers a framework for reading literature from the global South that goes against the grain of dominant theories in cultural studies, especially, postcolonial theory. I...
Stone Men
“They demolish our houses while we build theirs.” This is how a Palestinian stonemason, in line at a checkpoint outside a Jerusalem suburb, described his life to Andrew Ross. Palestinian “stone m...
Betraying Big Brother
On the eve of International Women’s Day in 2015, the Chinese government arrested five feminist activists and jailed them for 37 days. The Feminist Five became a global cause célèbre, with Hillary C...
Planet on Fire
As we rebuild our lives in the wake of Covid-19 and face the challenges of ecological disaster, how can the left win a world fit for life? Planet on Fire is an urgent manifesto for a fundamental ...
We're Here Because You Were There
What are the origins of the hostile environment against immigrants in the UK? Patel retells Britain's recent history in an often shocking account of state racism that still resonates today. In a se...
Prophets of Deceit
A classic book that analyzes and defines media appeals specific to American pro-fascist and anti-Semite agitators of the 1940s, such as the application of psychosocial manipulation for political en...
Silicon Values
The Internet once promised to be a place of extraordinary freedom beyond the control of money or politics, but today corporations and platforms exercise more control over our ability to access info...
The Last Neoliberal
This book analyses the French political crisis, which has entered its most acute phase in more than thirty years with the break-up of traditional left and right social blocs. Governing parties have...
Taking A Long Look
For nearly fifty years, Vivian Gornick’s essays, written with her characteristic clarity of perception and vibrant prose, have explored feminism and writing, literature and culture, politics and pe...
The World in a Selfie
We’ve all been tourists at some point in our lives. How is it we look so condescendingly at people taking selfies in front of the Tower of Pisa? Is there really much to distinguish the package holi...
Elegy for Mary Turner
In late May 1918 in Valdosta, Georgia, ten black men and one black woman, Mary Turner, eight months pregnant at the time, were lynched and tortured by mobs of white citizens. Through hauntingly det...
Morbid Symptoms
The deadly coronavirus spread across societies already riddled with political ills: rampant xenophobia and corruption, privatisation run amok, Brexiteer vainglory of 'a global Britain’, a Euroland ...
Dreams of Leaving and Remaining
In Dreams of Leaving and Remaining, award winning journalist Meek explores a nation uneasy with itself. In the decades since the twilight of empire, Britain has struggled to find its place, and ide...
Capitalism and the Sea
Winner of the IPEG 2022 Book PrizeThe global ocean has through the centuries served as a trade route, strategic space, fish bank and supply chain for the modern capitalist economy. While sea beds a...
The Care Crisis
Every one of us will need care at some point in life: social care, healthcare, childcare, eldercare. In the shadow of COVID-19, care has become the most urgent topic of our times. But our care syst...
Tomorrow They Won't Dare to Murder Us
A young revolutionary plants a bomb in a factory on the outskirts of Algiers during the Algerian War. The bomb is timed to explode after work hours, so no one will be hurt. But the authorities have...
Share the Wealth
How can we reduce inequalities? How can we make work get better recognition and better pay?Philippe Askenazy in this new book shows that the current share of wealth is far from natural; it results ...