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A Guide to our April Titles

From an anti-racist analysis of the pro-Israel lobby which robustly rebuffs anti-Semitic conspiracies, how the natural and built environment has become a vehicle for siphoning money from the many to the few, and a new collection of stories from the author of Terminal Boredom, this is our guide to our new titles coming out this April!

Verso Books 1 April 2023

A Guide to our April Titles

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A new collection of stories from the cult author of Terminal Boredom.

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The revolutionary life of an eighteenth-century dwarf activist who was among the first to fight against slavery and animal cruelty

UK only.

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Defining the term "class" and investigating the ways it affects contemporary political alignment. 

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Communism is not just a dream of a better world - it is also a theory about how we get there

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Is there such a thing as “the Israel lobby,” and how powerful is it really?

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All hail the new masters of Capitalism: How asset managers acquired the world

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There are no unorganisable workers, only workers yet to be organised.

Hit Parade of Tears

Hit Parade of Tears

A new collection of stories from the cult author of Terminal Boredom.Izumi Suzuki had ideas about doing things differently, ideas that paid little attention to the laws of physics, or the laws of t...
Prophet against Slavery
Prophet against Slavery is an action-packed chronicle of a remarkable and radical individual. It is based on the award-winning biography by Marcus Rediker, which prompted the Quaker community that ...
Communism and Strategy
If the question of communism is making a comeback today, this renewed interest is often accompanied by an abandonment of any concrete political perspective. Critical philosophies are flourishing an...
Friends of Israel
Friends of Israel provides a forensically researched account of the activities of Israel's advocates in Britain, showing how they contribute to maintaining Israeli apartheid. The book traces the hi...
Our Lives in Their Portfolios
Banks have taken a backseat since the global financial crisis over a decade ago. Today, our new financial masters are asset managers, like Blackstone and BlackRock. And they don't just own financia...
There has been an explosion of organising among workers many assumed to be unorganisable, from delivery drivers in London to tech workers in Silicon Valley. The culmination of years of conversation...
Questions of class, power and distribution have reemerged as central concerns in the public discourse. When we talk about class, we don't always know what is meant. Is class about income or affect ...