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Own This!: A Verso Roundtable

Introducing Verso Books' roundtable on Trebor Scholz's book, Own This!

Verso Books29 January 2024

Own This!: A Verso Roundtable

We are very pleased to host this roundtable around Trebor Sholtz’s important new book Own This! How Platform Cooperatives Help Workers Build a Democratic Internet. The roundtable comprises contributions from five writers drawing on their experience in digital organising, politics and the academy: Salonie Muralidhara from SEWA; James Muldoon, author of Platform Socialism; David O’Connell, Trade Unionist; and Udayan Tandon and Lilly Irani, working with the United Taxi Cooperative. Each piece reflects on different aspects of the book while probing some of the critical questions that it raises:

  • What are the technological challenges of setting up platform co-ops?
  • How do platform co-ops relate to Trade Unions?
  • How can a platform co-op scale without losing its focus on community?

Platform Co-ops offers a new horizon for work organising and workers-owned enterprises. More than that, the same technological innovations can be used to hold and own community information, education services, and democratic processes. In his summing up, Trebor Scholz brings these different strands together to show that platform coops are on the verge of changing every part of our work and digital lives. 


Read the roundtable:

Part 1: Salonie Muralidhara

Part 2: James Muldoon

Part 3: Udayan Tandon, Lilly Irani, Peter Zschiesche, and Mikaiil Hussein

Part 4: David O'Connell

Part 5: Trebor Scholz


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Own This!
Winner of the First Prize in the Joyce Rothschild Book AwardsPlatform cooperatives reimagine a world where domestic workers can double their income by establishing their own platform—an internet wh...

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