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  • The Mangrove 9 and the Radical Lawyering Tradition

    The Mangrove 9 and the Radical Lawyering Tradition

    From the trial of the Mangove 9 to this summer's BLM protests, Ife Thompson outlines how the role of radical Black lawyers has been not just essential in the struggle for justice but also in transforming the UK legal system

  • Black Antifascism and Fighting Today’s Far Right

    Black Antifascism and Fighting Today’s Far Right

    We Charge Genocide is the ur-text of Black antifascism. It is the most comprehensive and detailed evidence we have of how African-American radicals have systematically challenged and defined the threat of a native fascism in the United States. Recovering and mobilizing the tradition of Black Antifascism is essential to strategic confrontation with today’s far-right.

  • Daniel Guérin: 'Towards an Extraparliamentary Opposition'

    Daniel Guérin: 'Towards an Extraparliamentary Opposition'

    Daniel Guérin (1904-1988), was a French libertarian-communist perhaps best known for his controversial 1960s attempt to synthesize Marxism and anarchism. Here, translated into English for the first time, is the text of his speech about anti-racist struggle in both the US and France.

  • The Two Politics: 2020 So Far

    The Two Politics: 2020 So Far

    The year 2020 has provided a practically laboratorial clarity. For political theory, or really political practice, it has been something like a natural experiment measuring two politics against the world and against each other. How to name these two politics, if not the election and the riot? 

  • 66 Days

    66 Days

    It took just 66 days to get from the first shelter-in-place order to the first riot. Joshua Clover writes on the current protests and riots that have sprung up across the United States in the wake of the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and their context at a time of economic and social crisis.

  • Unite the Right counterdemonstration, August 12, Washington D.C. via It's Going Down.

    Politics in the Streets

    While the revival of reformist social democracy is cause for optimism, it cannot win a new world without mass pressure from below.     

  • Dodge Challenger on the assembly line, 2016. via YouTube.

    Our Streets

    Heather Heyer was killed by a person and not a car, and yet the car, a Dodge Challenger, seems almost an extension of the person.

  • Antifascists in Charlottesville, August 12. via It's Going Down.

    Those Who Refuse

    Today we must remember Heather Heyer and all those who left their homes in the morning to fight for justice, knowing that they might not come back. These people are never angels or saints. They are ordinary people, like you and me. Their refusal could not be silenced.

  • Stokely Carmichael's Black Power Address

    Stokely Carmichael's Black Power Address

    In late 1966, Stokely Carmichael was arrested during a Mississippi rally in the aftermath of the Selma campaign. On his release, he advocated Black Power, representing a break with the theory of nonviolent resistance. Strongly influenced by the work of Frantz Fanon and his landmark book Wretched of the Earth, along with others such as Malcolm X, Carmichael led SNCC to become more radical. He resigned as chairman in May 1967 and became more closely aligned with the Black Panther Party. To celebrate the anniversary of his birth, we publish the text of his speech delivered at the University of California at Berkeley expounding on his aims forty-nine years ago in October 1966.