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  • ‘Grévolution’: first round of a general strike

    ‘Grévolution’: first round of a general strike

    Since the middle of December, France has been gripped by a wave of large scale strikes. In this article the French collective Plateforme d’Enquêtes Militantes analyses the composition of the strikes, and the potential for its continued escalation.

  • Credit: La Chappelle Debout!

    The gilets noirs occupy the Panthéon

    This weekend the gilets noirs, a movement of France's undocumented migrants, occupied the Panthéon in Paris. In this article, Luke Butterly reports on the occupation, the police repression against the occupiers, and the aims of the movement.

  • Photograph: NnoMan Cadoret / Collectif Œil

    The 'Gilets Noirs': The Undocumented Migrant Movement in France

    With France marking six months of ‘yellow vest’ rallies and civil unrest, a new movement is making itself heard. The Gilets Noirs, the largest collective of undocumented migrants in France, have been conducting a series of high profile actions, most notbaly the recent protests at Charles De Gaulle airport calling for an end to deportation flights. In this article, Luke Butterly reports on the movement.

  • The Yellow Vests: who will benefit from the movement?

    The Yellow Vests: who will benefit from the movement?

    Are the Yellow Vest protests in France simply the reflection of a resurgent far right populism, and who has gained most from the wave of protests? In this article, the Quantité Critique collective investigate the politics of the movement, and argue that at play is a decisive political battle between the left and right.

  • We Accuse

    We Accuse

    An open letter, originally published in French, written by a collective of French 'Gilets Jaunes' university academics - reacting to the social inequalities raised by the Yellow Vests movement, the series of measures the French government has taken since the movement's beginning on 17 November 2018, and to abuses by the police forces during demonstrations and protest actions. The letter demands an acknowledgement of the movement's demands, the resignation of the Interior Minister, and public inquiries into the violent repression that has swept France. As of the 15 May 2019, the letter has collected over 20,000 signatures. It joins similar calls and reactions by famous artists and medical doctors

  • Full Metal Yellow Jacket

    Full Metal Yellow Jacket

    "There is one demand on which all the Yellow Vests unanimously agree: Macron Resign!" Alèssi Dell’Umbria reports on the Gilets Jaunes in the context of France's infamous social movements.

  • With the ‘gilets jaunes’: against representation, for democracy

    With the ‘gilets jaunes’: against representation, for democracy

    The Gilet Jaunes protests have rocked the French political establishment in recent months. There has rarely been a president as hated as Macron is today, and his leadership looks increasingly enfeebled. In this article, Dardot and Laval analyse the protests and what they might mean for French poltics.

  • The New Common Senselessness

    The New Common Senselessness

    The Gilets Jaunes protests have rocked France over the past month, opening up new spaces in contemporary European politics. Yet, the left's reaction to it has either been to passively follow the protests, or to question some of its reactionary articulations. What does this reaction say about the current impasses of left politics, and political strategy today? 

  • There’s Yellow in the Air

    There’s Yellow in the Air

    With its background in responses to the flurry of reforms that Emmanuel Macron has sought to push through since 2017, the Gilets Jaunes has already become a major political event in Europe. In this article, Cedric Durand looks at the background to the movement, and asks where it might be heading.