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  • Feminism for the 99%

    Feminism for the 99%

    An anticapitalist feminism has become thinkable today, in part because the credibility of political elites is collapsing worldwide. This manifesto shows us how we can build a radical and transformative feminism.

  • Beyond March 8th: Toward a Feminist International

    Beyond March 8th: Toward a Feminist International

    The International Women's Strike is part of a transnational feminist wave, and women around the globe are fighting against reactionary political forces and standing up for the most oppressed and exploited.

  • International Women's Day/Strike reading list

    International Women's Day/Strike reading list

    To commemorate International Women's Day and the second International Women's Strike, we present a reading list of our favorite books of feminist theory and activism to inspire our ongoing fight for collective liberation.

  • Illustration by Ella Brownlee

    Cis and Trans rights: two sides of the same coin

    Despite the way trans and cis women seem to be pitted against each other in the media, Joni Alizah Cohen argues that the demands of both groups are two sides of the same feminist coin, urging cis and trans women to strike together on 8th March! 

  • The Maternal Man By Louise Bourgeois

    Gestators of All Genders Unite

    In the week of International Women's day and the Women's Strike Sophie Lewis asks us to fight for more than just the right to safe work but also the right to be lazy!

    "Say it loud: we can affirm our non-desire to work even if we don't work hard. Even when it comes to making babies who will die if we stop working."