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  • Detail from the cover of The Negro Worker, August-September, 1933. via The Public Archive.

    Labor and Liberation: An Interview with Margaret Stevens

    Historian Margaret Stevens discusses transnational connections between Black radicals during the interwar years, the interplay between militant Caribbean workers’ uprisings and Communist Party leadership, and the lessons of Communist anti-racist and anti-imperialist organizing. 

  • AMLO's Double Bind

    AMLO's Double Bind

    Andrés Manuel López Obrador's victory in Sunday's election signals new hope for Mexico. But implementing his radical programme may resuly in a severe backlash both at home and abroad. David Adler reports on AMLO's chances, and the hope for a new Mexico.

  • López Obrador campaigns in Puebla, February 2018.

    López Obrador and the Fight Ahead

    Christy Thornton reports from Mexico on Andrés Manuel López Obrador's victory in Sunday's election and reflects on the forces lined up to oppose his agenda.  

  • We Built the Wall

    We Built the Wall

    U.S. immigration policy during the Trump presidency and in the years beyond could be outrageous and appalling, but it’s not new.

  • Detail from Amze Emmons' cover illustration for Transnational Battle Field.

    Two Poems by Heriberto Yépez

    "Yépez is at the forefront of a generation of writers who are questioning notions of fluidity and synthesis, a generation that has seen those same categories veil the advent of global neoliberalism," Edgar Garcia has written.

  • Detail from Rufino Tamayo's Animales, 1941.

    The Surrealist Continent

    Throughout the twentieth century the concerns of artists in Europe and North America have had an obvious impact on the art of Latin America, yet it is important to recognize the particular significance of movements such as Surrealism or abstraction within a non-Western context.