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The Novel of Lenin

A new nine-part micro-novel from Joseph Andras.

17 April 2024

The Novel of Lenin

We’re excited to announce a new nine-part blog series: The Novel of Lenin by Joseph Andras, to mark the centenary of Lenin’s death. 

We will be releasing a new installment of Andras’s biographical micro-novel every Wednesday, ending the week of May 20th. This post will be updated weekly with the latest installment.

Chapter One: 1870-1885: The Birth of Vladimir, the Assassination of Tsar Alexander II

Chapter Two 1885-1893: The Death of the Brother, Marxist Circles, Nicholas II Ascends to the Throne 

Chapter Three: 1895-1900: Travels to Paris and Germany, the Creation of a Journal

Chapter Four: 1900-1904: Vladimir Becomes Lenin, First Meeting with Trotsky

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