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A Time to Speak Out: Independent Jewish Voices on Israel, Zionism and Jewish Identity

Jewish voices challenge the terms of the Israel/Palestine debate.
In A Time to Speak Out, a collection of strong Jewish voices come together to explore some of the most challenging issues facing diaspora Jews. With articles on such topics as international law, the Holocaust, varieties of Zionism, self-hatred, the multiplicity of Jewish identities, and human rights, these essays provide powerful evidence of the vitality of independent Jewish opinion as well as demonstrating that criticism of Israel has a crucial role to play in the continuing history of a Jewish concern for social justice. At once sober and radical, A Time To Speak Out reclaims an often intemperate debate for those both inside and outside Israel who prefer to confront uncomfortable truths.

Nearly all contributors were associated with the Independent Jewish Voices declaration which, when launched in Britain in 2007, opened a floodgate of responses. Independent Jewish Voices is a group of Jews in Britain from diverse backgrounds, occupations and affiliations who have in common a strong commitment to social justice and universal human rights.
With contributions by Julia Bard, Geoffrey Bindman, Emma Clyne, Stan Cohen, Howard Cooper, D. D. Guttenplan, Abe Hayeem, Anthony Isaacs, Gabriel Josipovici, Tony Klug, Francesca Klug, Richard Kuper, Michael Kustow, Antony Lerman, Antony Loewenstein, Mike Marqusee, Jeremy Montagu, Anthony Rudolf, Donald Sassoon, Lynne Segal, Richard Silverstein, Gillian Slovo, Eyal Weizman, and Sami Zubaida


  • The Israel-Palestine Conflict: A Reading List

    On Friday 23rd December the UN passed a resolution demanding a stop to Israeli settlement in the occupied territories as, in a shock move, the US refused to veto the resolution. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu exploded, calling it a 'declaration of war' (having recently been granted a $38 billion military aid package by the US), and Secretary of State John Kerry criticised Israel's approach to the peace process. But with Trump tweeting that Israel should 'stay strong' until his inauguration, progress still seems unlikely.

    Verso presents a list of books from Israeli, Palestinian, and anti-imperialist authors, to explain the conflict and provide some perspectives on the future. 

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  • Look out, BHL is thinking! And he thinks the BDS movement is "organised by former Nazis"

    This post first appeared at Le pire n'est jamais certain. Translated by David Broder.

    Bernard-Henri Lévy — alias BHL, alias Bernard, alias the white-shirted philosopher — was invited to the European Parliament on 27 September to take part in a conference entitled "The future of Jewish communities in Europe."

    He made a fifteen-minute intervention, passing relatively unnoticed, during which this liberator of Libya tried to give an overview of the situation of the Jews of Europe and of the "new faces" of anti-Semitism.

    As if it needed saying, BHL could not stop himself repeating the old refrain that "anti-Zionism is the new anti-Semitism," unscrupulously amalgamating the Palestine solidarity movement with the most abject far-Right forces.

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Other books Edited by Anne Karpf, Brian Klug, Jacqueline Rose, and Barbara Rosenbaum