Submission guidelines

The majority of our list is non-fiction, and we do not consider unsolicited fiction submissions.

Please limit your proposal to fifteen pages, and include all of the following:

  • A page or two that provides an overview of the book's main themes.
  • A list of contents, with a short paragraph on each chapter. 
  • Some background on the author, or contributors.
  • A paragraph on what you perceive as the main markets for the book.
  • Information about any competing titles, published or forthcoming, of which you're aware.
  • Your intended writing timetable.

Note that because of the volume of proposals we receive we cannot individually acknowledge them. If we like the sound of a proposal, then we will reply to you within two months. If you have not heard from us after two months then we are unable to take your project forward.

Please also note that we consider only digital submissions, to the email addresses below. We will not consider paper submissions.

North America

UK and Rest of World