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The Revolutions of the Future Beckon... | 40% all preorders!

40% of all Autumn pre-orders as part of our Summer Reading!

Verso Books28 June 2022

The Revolutions of the Future Beckon... | 40% all preorders!

You know when you sit in the sun for 0.2 seconds and the despair evaporates off your body? Use that energy to plan ahead— preorder books that will inspire you through the rest of the year! 

Including experimental literary fiction, analyses of the new left generation, and a call for trans liberation! 

We have 40% off EVERYTHING until July 8th— see our main Summer Reading list here.

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The unpaid, unacknowledged work that it takes to raise children and care for each other is endless and exhausting. What if it doesn’t have to be this way?

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A new progressive generation is on the rise in the United States— what does this mean for the future?

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A chilling novel that throws you into a literary manhunt, on the trail of one of the most elusive and evil figures of the 20th century.

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A cat and mouse game of surveillance and psychological torment develops between a middle aged artist and her aging mother, as Vigdis Hjorth returns to the themes of her controversial modern classic, Will and Testament

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A radical manifesto for the transformation of post-pandemic politics.

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When we fight for trans liberation, we fight for a better future for us all.

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An absurdist novel about fame, culture and connections, bodies and breakdowns.

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We will not succeed in defeating capitalism until we sever health from capital.

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How statues, heritage and the built environment have become the battleground for the culture wars.

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Violent self defense is a means for the oppressed to ensure survival and to build a liveable future.

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A plan to win for the British left, from the co-founder of Momentum.

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Black radicals transformed socialist politics in Britain in the years before decolonisation— and continue to do so.

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What is the future of the Union in the post-Brexit reality? How will the relationship between Northern Ireland and Westminster develop? Can the United Kingdom survive?

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Kern proposes a genuinely decolonial, feminist, queer, anti-gentrification.

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What we need is a broad and wide-ranging socialist movement that can recognize capital’s appetite—and starve it to death.

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The first collection of writing from Black communist women.

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A renowned choreographer explores the dance of everyday life and reveals that art-making is as natural as walking down the street.

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A haunting, intimate account of the women and men who built a feminist revolution in the middle of the Arab Spring.

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The lessons of the Corbyn years for the future of left politics.

Abolish the Family
What if we could do better than the family?We need to talk about the family. For those who are lucky, families can be filled with love and care, but for many they are sites of pain: from abandonmen...
The Rise of a New Left
A new progressive generation is on the rise in the United States, reflected in the mushrooming rolls of the Democratic Socialists of America (90,000 mostly twentysomething members), Marxist explain...
The Disappearance of Josef Mengele

The Disappearance of Josef Mengele

For three decades, until the day he collapsed in the Brazilian surf in 1979, Josef Mengele, the Angel of Death who performed horrific experiments on the prisoners of Auschwitz, floated through Sout...
Is Mother Dead

Is Mother Dead

**Longlisted for The International Booker Prize 2023**'To mother is to murder, or close enough', thinks Johanna, as she looks at the spelling of the two words in Norwegian. She's recently widowed a...
Owning the Future
The question of ownership is the critical fault line of our times. During the pandemic this issue has only become more divisive. Since March 2020 we have witnessed the extraordinary growth of asset...
The Transgender Issue
In this brilliant introduction to trans politics, journalist Shon Faye gives an incisive overview of systemic transphobia and argues that the struggle for trans rights is necessary to any struggle ...
I Fear My Pain Interests You
Margot is the child of renowned musicians and the product of a particularly punky upbringing. Burnt-out from the burden of expectation and the bad end of the worst relationship yet, she leaves New ...
Health Communism
In this fiery, theoretical tour de force, Beatrice Adler-Bolton and Artie Vierkant offer an overview of life and death under capitalism and argue for a new global left politics aimed at severing th...
Monumental Lies
The past is weaponised in culture wars and cynically edited by those who wish to impose their ideology upon the physical spaces around us. Holocaust deniers use details of the ruins of the gas cha...


Is violent self-defense ethical? In the history of colonialism, racism, sexism, capitalism, there has long been a dividing line between bodies "worthy of defending" and those who have been disar...
Our Bloc
In Our Bloc, Momentum co-founder James Schneider lays out an action plan for the British left. To move from defeatism to renewed confidence, he proposes a Left Bloc: an explicit alliance of sociali...
Making the Revolution Global
Making the Revolution Global shows how black radicals transformed socialist politics in Britain in the years before decolonisation. African and Caribbean activist-intellectuals, such as Amy Ashwood...
The Twilight of Unionism
The fissures that have split the United Kingdom in the last decades have run through Northern Ireland. Since the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, the fragile peace has been threatened by Brexit, the ris...
Gentrification Is Inevitable and Other Lies
What does gentrification look like? Can we even agree that it is a process that replaces one community with another? It is a question of class? Or of economic opportunity? Who does it affect the mo...
Cannibal Capitalism
Shortlisted for the Deutscher Memorial Prize 2023Capital is currently cannibalizing every sphere of life-guzzling wealth from nature and racialized populations, sucking up our ability to care for e...
Organize, Fight, Win
Black Communist women throughout the early to mid-twentieth century fought for and led mass campaigns in the service of building collective power in the fight for liberation. Through concrete mater...
The Choreography of Everyday Life
In this sparkling, innovative, fully-illustrated work, world-renowned choreographer Annie-B Parson translates the components of dance—time, proximity, space, motion and tone— into text. As we follo...
In 2012, the joyful hopes of the democratic Egyptian Revolution were tempered by revelations of mass sexual assault in Tahrir Square in Cairo, the revolution’s symbolic birthplace. This is the sto...
Is Socialism Possible in Britain?
Selected as one of the 15 best political and current affairs books of 2022 by The TimesIs Socialism Possible in Britain? analyses Jeremy Corbyn's tenure as Labour leader and the prospects for parli...